The Day

Get On! .MP3 [Free Song Download]
Get On Campfire Mix .MP3 [Free Song Download]

Get on! Get on!
It’s time to get on with it
Come on. Get on.
Join the ride. Enjoy life a bit.

Come on and get a lift
Jump up and down like you’ll never quit
Roll down a hillside
Raise your arms like a roller coaster ride

Get on! Get on!
Lovin’ livin’ every minute
Come on. Get on.
Livin’ lovin’ every moment

A 6-track recording (stereo guitar, stereo vocals and 2 mono vocal backing vocals)
Written and recorded in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful sunny day bringing in Spring. I hoped to convey the message.

Capo 2 (F#)
A / E
A / D
A / G