Love Spell

Love Spell .MP3
Love Spell .MP4 Music Video

Love Park, Philadelphia, PA


I went to the City of Brotherly Love,
And, asked 'em,
"How do you spell love?"

They replied,
L. Ooooo V E,
With a lopsided Oh.

I went to God Almighty Above,
And, asked her,
"If you were to conjure up a spell,
well… what would it be?"
She replied with an angel's sigh,
"The spell is love."

Please sing it with me,
"Love spell,
L. Ooooo V. E.,
With a lopsided Oh."

Beats the devil outta hell,
L.O.V.E. spell

All yell,
"Love spell,
L. Ooooo V. E.,
With a lopsided Oh."

Capo 3
G / D / A (3 times)
G / D / E
E / A

The song was written and recorded at Love Park, Philadelphia; Ambler; and Fort Washington State Park, Pennsylvania. The sound was mixed at Guitar Center in Plymouth Meeting. The video was mixed at Starbucks on the corner of Broad and Pine Streets, Philly (where I found *Chocolate Star* Dennis painting and playing the Key-tar.) The video was uploaded and published while driving up Ridge Avenue (to an open jam in Roxborough). All on Sunday, February 19, 2012.