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Fouled Our Home

So, now I wonder,
What we're gonna do,
Here I ponder,
What I've done to you.

When I'm done my time,
What will be the result of "mine"?
Will I leave something fine behind,
Will the memory of me be kind?

So, my mind wanders,
Searching for what to do,
Hear an answer,
Coming from you.

"How can you not regret the debt?
How can you forget the taint,
Doesn't it make you wanna faint?
Pollution, corruption, 
Neglecting the loving,
Contamination, adulteration,
Projecting the neglecting,
Speculate no more,
Hate is your lore,
You'll be lucky,
If any humans endure,
And, if they do,
The thought of you,
Will be... impure,
 That IS for sure."

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