Laws Of Thermodynamics

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Laws Of Thermodynamics

Is everything else speeding up?
Or, am I slowing down?
The soup is hot,
And, I put my spoon in the cup,
Will the spoon warm,
Why not?
Or, will something be found --
Calories lost by the soup,
The spoon can recoup?

Ahh... but, their world is larger than that?
How fat?
Wow!  Where they're at,
Is much more vast?
And, eventually,
They'll both surrender energy,
To their atmosphere.
I suppose this is something,
I should fear?
Because inevitably,
All that matters,
With their matter,
Will be to bring...
All to be equal?

Are you sure?
Equal temperature?

Dang!  I hate cold soup.
Don't know if I can hang,
With that group,
Before ya know it,
It could rob me, too,
What happens when...
The energy bandit,
Comes lookin' for you?

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