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See, Saw

I just needed to open my eyes to see.
Ya should see what I saw.

See, saw,
The thrill of it all,
See, saw,
Leaves me in awe.

Do you see it, too?
Hip, hip, hooray,
I could seesaw all day!


Working together,
At playing together,
Depending on each other,
For a lift.

Working together,
At playing together,
Our synchronization,
Is God's gift.

In a free-fall,
That's free for all,
The acceleration,
Giving stimulation.

I can feel you in my stomach,
Noooo... not motion sick,
A pleasant thrill,
That sends a chill,
Up my spine,
Thanks for making the experience...
Or, perhaps I should say,
Thanks for making this "our" happy day.

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