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Where To?

All right!  Looks like we're ready to go,
But, does anybody know...

Where are we headed?
What is the point?
Where are we headed?
What is the purpose for us?
Will our lives be fair?

Who is in charge,
Who shall we anoint?
After all...
Could be our mission is large?

So, will we climb,
Or, will we fall,
Are you ready to try?
I know I am!

But, why?
I'm ready to go,
Does anybody know,
How to get on the right path,
'cause I wouldn't want to feel the wrath,
Of heading in the wrong direction,
Oh... we already are?
How bizarre...
We want to be living dead?
I thought we wanted to head,
Toward perfection?

Yes!  Perfection!
Now I know where to,
Do you know where, too?

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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