A Long Along

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Em7 Improvisations


Of all the things,
I'd like to have,
I'd really like to get,
A long.

Yeah, a long along.

It's been a long time coming,
So, I hope it will be along time,
Of getting along.

Of all She brings,
I'd like to have,
A really long, long,
We seem to forget,
How to get a long,

There's been a lot of wasting,
Using greed to spread grime,
Argh, the same old song.

Could we get together,
A get-together,
That will last all day,
And, into the night,
Could we get a long,
Where we all stay,
In the light.

Let the light shine down,
On our long along,
Let the light shine down,
On our along song,
Let the light shine bright,
Right the wrong,
Of not getting along,
Right? Right!
Let the light shine down,
A long, long, along,
A long, long, along.

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