A Feline Fantasy

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E sus4 / Fm7b5 / Em7 (11)


This cat was curious,
I mean... like serious,
With a stealth-like stalk,
Waiting for the chance...
To pounce.

This cat had to find out,
What it's all about,
Give it a bat and a claw,
Searching for any flaw.

Are you it's friend,
Or, it's prey,
Do you pray,
It's not your end?

This cat had to find out,
What we're all about,
Oh, so curious,
About us.

A feline fantasy,
Where community,
Is our fancy,
And, we're all curious,
About the rest of us,
A feline fantasy,
Where we get more than a second chance,
Where we adore more than the first mortality,
Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth...
Our ninth mortality.

Nine lives,
To learn how to love,
One survives,
And, loves curiosity,
One thrives,
And, curiously,
Loves to love.

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