Over The Falls

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Em Improvisations


Adrift midstream,
And, it would seem,
Though regrettable,
That I'm headed for the waterfall.

I guess it wouldn't be so bad,
If I had...
A paddle,
Or, an ore,
Thus, my riddle,
Is there an answer at all?

Close to the edge,
Is it possible to hedge,
My bet?
Or, am I destined to get wet?

Over the edge,
For my body they will dredge,
But, yet...
In Davey Jones' locker I'll still regret...
Some of those things I did,
Being mean or telling a fib,
And, plenty of things I didn't do,
Like taking into my point-of-view,

So, before I make my splash,
I'd like to ask,
You're forgiveness,
And, my soul you'll not forget,
As it wishes you eternal happiness,
When I make my splash into bliss,
I pray I get you wet.

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