Presenting The Present!

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Presenting the present!

Once upon a time,
This was the future.
That time has passed,
Into the past...
Perhaps a little too fast?

This ain't no nursery rhyme,
More like twisted torture,
Stripped, flogged and gassed,
Nightmarish fact,
Who will be the one to last?

No one?
Can someone,
Calm my nerves,
About what Human deserves?

Because this sci-fi,
Featuring you and I,
Is not science fiction...
It's science friction,
And, it's starting to overheat,
We can't cheat,
No, not science fiction,
Science friction,
And, it's beginning to burn,
To the scorn,
Of nature,
Oh, no, no, 
Not science fiction,
Science friction,
Causing global meltdown,
And, a frown...
From the woe.

Presenting the present,
Sorry it's not a comedy,
Presenting the present,
Sorry it's a tragedy,
Featuring you... and me.

Man Induced Climate Change Experiment

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