The Weighting Waiting

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Em / G / Em7


What am I waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
What are we weighting for?

Weighting down the world,
With my burden,
Weighting down the word,
When misspoken,
Weighting down society,
With my me, me, me,
Weighting down our body,
Under a sea of self-pity.

Watching the waves,
Roll over me,
Watching the waves,
Wave goodbye,
To "I"

Can you see I'm under the sea,
With an albatross around my neck,
What the heck?
It's hard to face...
Under the surface of the surf,
With a millstone around my neck,
What the heck?
Looks as though I've been beat,
When I put those cement shoes on my feet,
Yeah, I've been beat to the beat,
Of my own self-defeat.

Waiting to come up for air,
But, I'm not there,
I'm waiting and weighting and waiting and weighting.

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