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I've gotta wanna try,
To make an effort,
And, I don't have to try,
To make the effort an effort.
It can be a joy,
Or, it can be a pain,
I'm the one to employ,
My brain.

I can figuratively,
Use a lever or pulley,
I can literally,
Be clever and silly,
Wanna have fun,
Trying to get the job done.

I like to try,
Try to answer why?
I like to try,
Try to live,
Until I die,
I like to try,
Try to give,
No lie!
Then, still,
I try to give,
A little more,
Than before,
And, this brings on,
A second wind,
So, I can start over again,
Until I win,
Then, try again and again,
Until all's done...
Until all have won.

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