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The Newest Story Ever Told


F# / Em / E / F

Now, that
Took me by surprise
How about you?
Wow! That
Took me by surprise

I get
A new pair of shoes
The ones you lose
But, they
Sure help
This dancing muse

All those
Lights are flashing
A K-9 unit, too?
That blows
The crowd dashing
To get out of view

The truck
Pulling out
The truck
Gets stuck
In the mud
The jerk offs
Pulling their pud
Wanna be called

While life
Goes by
In a blur

It was my birthday. Because of prior obligations, I did not think I would be free. At the last minute, the situation changed. So, we had a surprise party. As it was Halloween, we took are party on the road and ended up at another costume party.

It was raining hard. Cars got stuck in the mud. A friend of mine was dressed up like an Asian Santa Clause. The mud was so deep she took off her shoes and handed them to me. While I was walking around holding them, a caravan of police vehicles arrived. The crowd scattered.

The next day on FaceBook I wrote:
Now THAT was a surprise party… not sure who was surprised more… me or you?

And, the friend wrote:
Where the heck did you go last night!? haha i was hiding in the car from the cops for an hour and then you were gone :o ( buuuut it was fun glad you came out and hope you had an awesome birthday.. ps do you have asian santas shoes? lol

To which I replied:
Ha… I thought the shoes were my birthday present from Santa? By the way, you inspired a new song.

Impromptu .MP3 Download

Attention Span

Attention Span .MP3 Download

It goes in one ear
And, out the other
Never coming near
The attention span
Never coming in

It’s a good thing
We don’t depend
On our bridging
The gap
If the synapse
Is an indicator…
Or, we’d all be

If we let time lapse
Everything we fear
Will be upon us
So, lets gain focus
Less it be our end
Let’s hear it clear
It can’t go in one ear
And, out the other
Forever missing –
The attention span

No, no, no
Let’s be led
To human, upon human,
Forming The Attention Span

We can
Span any divide
No matter how wide –
The attention span

Bridge any distance
No matter how far
Overcome resistance
To being bizarre
The attention span

After all,
What’s so bizarre
To listening?
Needn’t fall
Maim or mare
Global positioning
The attention span
Of human

Fall Over

C / C7 / Gm / Bb

The summer
Came and went
So quickly
Now, the fall
Is settling in

The numb-er
Is the gent
Who luckily
Missed the ball
In oblivion

It’s the season
Of Change
There’s reason
To re-arrange
Or doesn’t care
To share

Soon winter
Will arrive
Moving closer
To a new year
To a new age

Sets the stage
For “all clear”
No more loser
Left alive
Come together

The fall
Will be over
And all
Come together

Fall over

Fall Over .MP3 Music Download

Val-You (Will You Value Me?)

Tell me this again:
Time is growing thin
Many will lose
And, some may win

The who whose
Baring a grin
Looked within
And, gave throughout
The entire route
From birth to death
Earns worth

One second’s value
Is the same as two
The value holds true
I can’t save time
For a rainy day
I can’t accumulate
At any rate

To emulate
My potential
The energy in me
Make my genetic
The value in me

Figure how
To find the value
In now

One second’s value
Is the same as two…
Or more
The value holds true
For sure
Put meant
In every
Make very
The present

Value Me .MP3

Can’t Wait

I just can’t wait
No, I can’t wait
I just can’t wait
I anticipate the date of our fate
When we see
Our destiny

We set a course in motion
And, according to Newton
We’re about to learn
That this object in motion
Is going to destruct
Under it’s own propulsion

I just can’t wait
Anticipate the date of our fate
Where we collapse
Under our own weight

Do we love to love
Do we love to hate
Do we hate hate?

Can’t Wait .MP3

Solution Sole You Tion Soul You Tion

Soul You Tion .MP3

Tick Tock Tick Tock

If you are feeling down
And, your smile turned to frown
Well, look around
At what can be found

What can you do?
It’s really nothing new
Just raise your voice on high
Shout to the sky
Say a prayer out loud
Above the crowd

Maybe you’ll receive mercy
Mercy, mercy, mercy

I try my best
Not to have you pity me

If you are feeling down
And, your smile turned to frown

I Was Just Thinking

I Was Just Thinking .MP3

What would you say
If I was thinking
We could be sinking

Just take a look around
And, see what you see
And, can it
Really be?

Disrespect the rock
Disrespect the land
Disrespect the tree
Can’t you see?

We can’t go on and on and on
To infinity
Can’t you see
Can’t we see
Don’t we see

Cause I
Ya, know I
I could be thinking
That we’re sinking
I could be thinking
That we are sinking

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What She Needs

What you want
Can’t always be
Achieved as conceived

If only…

What you want
You’ll always need
Unless you concede
To succeed

Never bleed

If you could only read the signs
Because they’re everywhere
If we were aware
To pay a little bit of attention
To what’s around
The answer’ld be found

What we want
You’ll always need
Unless we concede
To succeed

A flood of blood
We’ll bleed
Unless we have faith
In heaven above
Unless we have faith
In the power of love

We’ll always want
What we need
We’ll always need
What we want

What She Needs .mp3

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