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Forgive me,
For negligence,
Of your presence,
'tis my ignorance,
Getting' the best of me,
I'm trying to see,
More clearly,
Embrace you,
More dearly,
But, I nearly...
Just about everyday,
To say,
I love you,
At least this day,
I wanna make sure,
I say,
I do...
Oh, how I love you,
Please, Your Majesty, please... 
Please tell me,
What I can do for you,
For it would be a tragedy,
If I forget,
Yes, it would be a travesty,
If I neglect,
To live my life for you,
So, I serve you me,
Now, how may I serve you?
My devotion -- true,
I love you,
How may I serve you?

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