Aspire To Acquire
(A Bigger Stick)

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To acquire,
A place,
In space,
That does,
Needn't pause,
To consider,
Whether or not,
To be a quitter,
It isn't a choice,
For this voice,
I've got to join us,
In chorus,
And, settle,
For nothing less,
Speak gentle,
Yet, carry a big stick,
No shtick,
Your sh#% does stink,
What did we think?
Global warming's,
Gonna stick around,
I haven't found,
Destruction charming,
Quite alarming,
I just wish,
We could...
Stick around,
Nope --
The finish.
No hope,
For this dope,
Will sting,
But, here's the thing...
I just wish,
We could,
Stick around,
Be mental,
And, carry a bigger stick,
Made of solid love,
Instead of...
The Finish.

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