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So, this is what we asked for?
Then, this is what we'll get,
Woe, please don't ever forget,
When we get what we asked for.

So, do you wanna hear more?
Claiming ignorance,
Is no excuse,
Our arrogance at extravagance,
Will cause us to lose,
We should have done more... before,
Instead of watching,
The point of no return,
Steadily earning,
The point of know return.

So, this is what we wanted?
Then, this is what we deserve,
When given the opportunity to serve,
We chose to play in our own way...
All day,
Now, we're haunted,
By what we asked for.
Can we take any more?

No more?
That's what we asked for.

Answer your front door,
Do you know what's in store?
No more?
That's what we asked for.

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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