Let's Party!

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G aug / Em / B sus4 / Bm

Inspired by Melting Away, Mike Davis (2005)


Well, the swamp land,
Is coming home,
Though less than grand,
Beats havin' to roam,
Through New England --
Parched desert sand.

Gather round,
Hunters and gatherers,
What food can be found,
Will you share with the others?

"Party and make merry,"
Though it sounds contrary,
... especially when you consider,
How scary,
Leaves a taste,
That's rather bitter,
Laid to waste,
Our sister and brother.

Let's Party!
Fools hardly,
Grasp reality,
Let's Party!
Fools barely,
Can find realty,
As they see,
It slip into the sea,
Let's Party!

The demon in me,
The parent in me,
Let's party?!?!

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