A Never Mind

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Am / Esus4 / Em7 (11)


This never happens,
It never happens to anyone,
It surely opens,
A can of worms,
And, I was hoping it would be fun.

   Here I am,
   An ever,
   In neverland,
   Hard to understand,
   I can.

I won't get mad,
I will get glad,
Fulfilling my hopes,
Unbind my ropes,
I won't be bad,
And, won't get sad,
So that everyone learns,
To be an ever,
For ever and ever,
In our neverland.


I thought it was impossible,
Certainly improbable,
An environment that's inhospitable,
Can send me to the hospital,
If there's any breath left... at all.


No!  This never ever happens,
I'm tired of learning my lessons,
No!  This never comes to be,
Why is it happening to me?
Well, it is....
Will I cope,
Or, play the dope,
Since I am this --
Ever in neverland.


Yes!  Making the best,
Of a bad scene,
Don't wanna be mean,
Like the rest,
Instead, I'll see what I can glean,
And, turn this into a fest!
A festival,
For all,
Not trivial,
Rather... substantial...
As it is consequential,
For us all.

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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