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Did I remember to thank you,
For thanking me?
Most people forget to say,
"Thank you."
Especially, when they don't have to pay,
They just make a quick get-away,
But, not you!
It's as if a saint,
An angel,
To whisper in my ear,
"There's nothing to fear."
As if God Almighty,
Took pity,
And, sent an angel,
To make all well,
Touching me,
With a sense of well-being,
All my fears are fleeing.

So, here are some thank you notes,
Do, Re, Mi... thanks from me,
Fa, So... So... how can I be thorough,
With enough thank you quotes?
Send some more notes,
La, Ti... I'd like to thank you plen-Ti,
For your hospitali-Ti,
Do, do, don't hesitate to call,
Over any problem at all.

Thank you, 
For thinking of me,
... by thanking me,
It makes living worthwhile,
So, I'll... 
Try to participate,
And, reciprocate,
With some thank you notes,
A... a wonderful day,
Wouldn't you say?
Bb... there's not reason,
To be flat,
When you're 'round,
C... So, let's see what,
Can be found,
When love is unbound,
The spirit floats,
To the sound of thank you notes,
Do, re, mi,
To you from me,
A, B, C#,
See how sharp,
It makes us feel,
As we reel,
To an angel's harp,
And, Her thank you notes...
And, Her thank you know-tes.

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