The Space Age

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Hello, passengers,
This is your captain speaking,
Please fasten your seat belt,
As we make passage,
Into the space age,
A place where people,
Walk for days and days,
In a daze,
Accumulating errors,
Smashing, crashing, breaking,
Nothing is heartfelt.

The current temperature,
Is spine tingling,
That's for sure.
An ominous ceiling,
For all of us.
We hope you've enjoyed,
Flying united,
Enjoy your stay,
In the state,
Of I'llaskya,
Pay, pay, pay,
The going rate,
For touring the capital,
Dgewno... our fate?
Dgewno... why this?
Dgewno... our wish?
Dgewno... why we're sleeping,
Dgewno... why time's seeping,
Dgewno... why we'd hurl,
Like a guided missile,
Driving ourselves into the ground,
Until no love can be found?

Hope you have some nice days,
As you walk around... in a daze,
Welcome to the space age,
Hope you're at home... with your damage.

The Space Age,
Common sense outage,
The Space Age,
Human outrage,
The Space Age,
Turn the page,
The Space Age,
Let the devil,
Out of his cage,
The Space Age,
We let evil,

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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