Vicious Cycle

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D / G / Am7


Round and round I go,
Where I stop... nobody knows,
Caught up in a vicious cycle,
This spinning makes me nauseous... makes me ill.

An endless loop,
Of poop,
Getting deeper by the minute,
Raising fears,
It'll raise to my ears,
Will it let up?
Getting deeper by the second,
Is nothing sacred?

Covering God's land,
With our crap,
Hard to understand,
Why we nap,
While our ship is sinking,
What the heck are we thinking?

Let's chase our tail,
'till the end of our tale,
Let's chase our end,
To the end!

Vicious cycle,
Nauseous... ill,
Twirl, twirl, twirl,
Vicious cycle,
Nauseous... ill.

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