The Beatless Sense Mongers

Freedom And Free Dumber

Gay Church

Wouldn’t ya say we resemble How to peacefully assemble Writing songs about freedom Redress of grievances from the free dumb Chorus I had to tell the Po-po No! No! Ya know, he didn’t know Gay Church… Church and Gay Bring your guitar and learn how to play Perhaps you should dot your i’s and […]

Disturbing The Peace

Awoke from a slumber A little bit dumber A nightmarish dream Where I turn obscene How am I suppose to get any sleep With this racket going on Turns me into a creep When this racket’s going on How am I suppose to get any peace With this racket going on Gonna force you […]

Look Both Ways

My Mama always said Look both ways before crossing the road Going through a phase where your head will explode No need to run it over again That roadkill is dead That roadkill is dead It’s such a sin The indifference bred The indifference bred The bigger they are The harder they fall The […]

Machines Fueled On Gasoline

Ironic on a capitalist’s machine Fueled by gasoline Or an eclectic electric troll Fueled on dirty coal I guess you’ve gotta be a hypocrite If you wanna be a wanna-be in politics Gonna dig holes… run with moles Publish ‘zines about the real scenes If the hatred ceases Among the puzzle pieces Our own […]

The Empire

The Empire Of Morons marches on Stacked two dimensionally They can’t see If there was a leader, he’s a seceder Now the followers follow the follower As The Empire Of Morons marches on … and on and on and on and on and…. The morons empire marches on “We will never surrender!” Says the […]

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