A Case Study on Corporate Intimidation & Shareholder Rights:
Bohler Uddeholm

An association registered and built traffic to a domain name (bohler.com) over an eight year period.

A large company (Bohler Uddeholm) decided it wanted to own the name and attempted to buy it. However, they found out that the name is not for sale.

Should the large corporation be allowed to use threats and intimidation to get what it wants?

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BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM is a publicly traded Austrian company that emerged after the Republic of Austria privatized Österreichische Industrieholding AG (ÖIAG).

The BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Group is now organized into four core businesses:
  1. High Performance Metals (tool steel, high speed steel and specialist steels).
  2. Precision Strip (bimetallic strips, rule dies and cutting and creasing lines.)
  3. Welding Consumables (stick and wire electrodes, soldering materials)
  4. Special Forgings (structural components in the aerospace industry, turbine blades for gas- and steam turbines, special forgings)

About Bohler.com

The domain name bohler.com was established, and became a trademark, in 1995. It is owned by an association of artists and scientists conducting an experiment in chaos theory. In particular, the domain is an anthropological approach to studying chaos theory as it applies to the arts, sciences, business, philosophy, politics and religion. Then, the results are applied to humanitarian and altruistic action.

Since the time of its founding, the domain has become known worldwide for economic and scientific study.

Fair Disclosure: BOHLER.com currently holds a position in BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM through ADR's (American Depository Receipts). The shares are traded in the USA under the ticker symbol -- BDHHY.


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