See Me Lenape n' Shawnee

This bit of multimedia is based on the following email thread.

i said:

i've always wondered about the labor to build this old house (with parts built in the 1700's and 1800's.)

and, sometimes when i'm working on it, i get strange visitations.

like last nite... i was whacking the plaster off a stone wall using a crowbar. after a while, you go into an endorphin state.

it was then that it hit me -- the american indians (used as physical labor... but, apparently not slaves?)

you replied:

did "they" really use native american labour didnt they use "cracker" labour

so i said:

i do not know for sure... this house and american indians appear to date back 180-260 years

i don't think they were slaves... however, i'd expect W. Penn's sylvania was still full of indians in those days? perhaps they were friends or neighbors?

then we asked the historical society

they replied:


Natives in this area were never made slaves...some may have worked on the railroads, but they would never bow down to any white man, not a lene Lenape. They would fight to the death if they had to. I will write something soon...I do get a lot of historic inquiries. I have new information on historic topics and I will give them to you soon. How many visitors these days?

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See Me Lenape n' Shawnee (MPEG1 Music Video)


As I see through the eyes of a Lenape,
I feel the spirit take over me,
I see things that I never could see,
As I see... as a Lenape.

While I feel at one with the Shawnee,
My spirit is set totally free,
I see things I thought I'd never see,
As I see... as a Shawnee.

A 5' 10" giant in my day,
Strong in almost every way,
Body, Mind, Spirit.

If you listen to the wind,
You can hear it,
If you cloak what's been skinned,
You can wear it --

The Great Spirit.

Vibrant and agile,
The medicine man,
Dwell a while,
If you can.

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