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To: rick
Subject: Roger McGuinn / Byrds

How was Roger? Rockin'?

And, you're going to the Keswick, too? It's a music month for you.

You replied:

The strains of an electric twelve string guitar playin' "My Back Pages" (my favorite all-time Byrds toon) as McGuinn steps out from behind the side stage curtain and for the next hour and a half I was in heaven. Voice is still as strong as ever and stories he spoke of really made for a fun time. Great concert, great facility, good friends.

This Sunday is a little up and coming act called Nickle Creek. A child prodigy on mandolin with guitar and violin. Sort of jazzy blue-grass. Pushin' the envelope. This will be it for me this summer. Got to budget my bucks.

I said:
nice review... mind if I send out to some other music fans?

be my guest. you can also add that he looks very good. the road seems to agree with him. he has just released a CD that was recorded in the living rooms of some stellar Folk Music artists such as Tommy Makim, Joan Baez, and others. Roger is really trying to keep folk music alive. He's got a great web site with free downloadable music charts for lots of old standard folk toons and the like.

during the show, he switched between the electric Rickenbacher 12 string to a Martin 6 and 12 string acoustic. lot's of anecdotes of working with Dylan and how they added a "Beatle beat" to Mr. Tambourine Man to get their first hit. The Byrds were originally signed to Columbia Records to record only 1 single and if it didn't take off that would be the end of it. Well, as we all know Mr. Tambourine Man set the stage for and American answer to the British Invasion and the rest is history.

You can also credit the Byrds for introducing the American pop market to country influences with their Sweetheart of the Rodeo and Notorious Byrd Brothers albums. Gram Parsons, Clarence White, and a host of others have passed through this great group, always with Roger steering the ship.

I blame McGuinn's electric 12 and George Harrison as the reasons for me playing guitar today....

[editor's note: and, a mighty fine guitar he is.]

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