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Narley Marley is an original reggae artist. In the 1970's, Narley was just a lil' tyke... yet, he was already discovering songs by people like Bob Marley (who wrote Eric Clapton's I Shot The Sheriff) and Jimmy Cliff (who wrote Johnny Nash's I Can See Clearly Now.)

From pop... to reggae... to his own form of world music, Techno Rasta, Narley loves it all. But, Narley is most interested in the love and hate that Reggae is all about... jah, mahn! Narley performs all of his music in an extemporaneous style and maintains an open channel to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jackie Mittoo and others.

It's not narley Bob Marley, mahn... but, it's da best I candu.
-- Narley Marley


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