Christmas Treasures


These selections are part of an on-going Christmas tradition -- an original Internet Christmas Album (started in 1994 and nourished every year thereafter.)

Quasi-traditional Christmas Carols

Original & Modern Christmas Music

A selection of new Christmas music (in a variety of styles... including, but not limited to, Rock, Rock n' Roll, Jazz, 6/8 March, Reggae, Bebop, R&B, Country Ballad, 2-step, Bluegrass, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock, Pop and A Cappella) that is written and performed live by our Houseband.

Gifts That Keep Giving

A special edition about the true meaning of Christmas and gift giving.

Click here for the Holiday Special: Gifts That Keep Giving

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Ghost Of Christmas Future

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All music is written and recorded spontaneously.
The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment Publishing Company
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