(And, The Cock Crowed)

Denial (MP3)

Inspired by Global Warming Denial?

Dm / Ab / Bb


1 + 1 = 2,
No way!
How can this be true?
You say,
The Earth is round,
When I found,
It flat,
So, now we're in a spat,
As I apply,
My denial,
To all.

Though appearing incredible,
When information,
Is indigestible...
In exasperation,
I deem it -- not credible.

Trying to turn science,
Into opinion,
Does it make sense?
Does what I believe,
Enter in,
To the equation?

Though our symptoms,
Call for quick attention,
I'd rather encourage our problems,
Until the situation,
Results in our termination,
Then... there will be no question,
If your hyperbole,
Will be the death of me.

Until then,
I'll be in denial,
For all.

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