Underlying Reason

Underlying Reason (MPEG Music Video)


Most often,
There is an underlying reason,
Having to do with,
Time Of The Season,
Makes my heart soften --
Those under,
Lying in the ground,
Lost souls,
Hoping to be found.

Some souls' toll,
To wait in line,
These souls' role,
To wait all of time?

Their karma connection,
In jeopardy,
Eternal reflection,
Of their quandary,
As man takes away any chance,
Of a next dance.

Underlying reasons,
Those under,
Lying in the ground,
While we're hell bent,
Instead of heaven bound,
We'll wonder where our lives went,
When there are no more around.

Some souls' toll,
To wait all of time,
These souls' role --
To never cross... the finish line?
It's our loss,
Yours and mine.

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